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A few words about the project

Why yet another tool for developers?

For a long time our team has elaborated alternative ergonomics of the user interface for the proprietary development environment as well as for third-party ones. The goal has been set to easily handle complex and intricate projects with a large number of classes and files on board. Primarily we as programmers were interested in increasing the level of efficiency and satisfaction while working on assigned tasks. This refers to the common programming tasks, such as: creating new classes, filling them with code, exploring the existing code, finding the right place to study, navigating between different parts of the project, and so forth.

In a nutshell the main objectives this alternative ergonomics has to solve can be outlined as follows:



  • To reduce the number of routine actions, for instance: scrolling to the right place in the code or to an element in the tree, expanding the tree, visual search for an item in a large list, and the like.
  • To minimize cognitive load. Programming tasks considerably load intelligence and memory as it is, therefore it would be wrong to demand from the developer to keep in mind and analyze additional information. This not only reduces the level of job satisfaction, but also can significantly affect productivity.
  • Fewer distractions. Superfluous (irrelevant to the current task) information whenever possible should either be hidden or have less visual weight.
  • Reuse of automatisms. If the user interface involves mastering some new skill, then this skill should be applied as many times as conceivable.



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