MMORPG Website

Online game needs website built with PHP and Yii2

A few words about the project

Client is developing online roleplaying game and needs website for his community. Users should be able to create accounts, use marketplace, read news and chat with technical support.

We are building website from scratch, so first step is to create technical specifications and set milestones for the project. Selecting technologies - PHP, Yii2, MariaDB

Account management

Website should be able to manage accounts spread across multiple databases stored on several servers. Since Yii2 does not naturally support cross server models, developing service that will implement this behavior. Discussing data structure with game developer and implementing account creation and login. To protect users account implementing google authenticator. And making it work together with yii2 auth client.


Developing marketplace where players can purchase premium items for credits. Using payza as payment gateway. Tricky part is to synchronize on site purchase with in game purchase, so player actually receives the item. Using messagepack ( for communication


Client needs help desk to provide technical support for players. After some investigation, we decide to use youtrack for that purpose. There is youtrack library available, however it was buggy, so we also performed some pull requests on github.


Of course every site eventually needs nice look and feel. Designer was provided by client and he performed PSD to HTML conversion. Bootstrap was chosen as css framework because of its ease of use and ability to create responsive design really fast. We asked designer to style all bootstrap components for us - tables, nav bars, labels panels etc. That gave us the ability to quickly build required web pages without having to contact designer on every occasion.

Date: Mar 2014 — Jan 1970


Project team